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Our History

Concordia University Texas has a rich history of providing Christ-centered, high-quality education in Central Texas.

On the northern outskirts of Austin, Texas a parcel of land was selected to become the new home of Conocordia. The selection of an appropriate site is instrumental to the success of any institution and it would be the same for Concordia. But some were skeptical of the location given its distance from downtown while others considered the acreage excessive. Is Concordia overextending itself? Is this the right decision?

Those were some of the sentiments in 1926 when a 20-acre site along East Avenue, north of downtown Austin, was selected for the new high school. Looking back, the concerns over location and size seem humorous with its location so close to downtown. Obviously, the Austin of 1926 was very different from the Austin of 2008.

Killian Hall

In the twenty-first century of urban sprawl, it can be difficult to imagine vast, open countryside just a few miles north of the Capitol. Much has changed. Over the years, a quiet thoroughfare known as East Avenue was replaced by a concrete, double-decker interstate populated by roaring traffic.

Open fields were replaced by dense development and an airport that has already come and gone. But through it all, Concordia remained and flourished by the grace of God on that small tract of land between Red River and Interstate 35.

The history of Concordia University Texas is infused with a tradition of growth and courage. Founded as a high school, Concordia has experienced tremendous growth.

Guided by the vision to be a university recognized for integrity, academic excellence and a Lutheran ethos, Concordia took the necessary steps of faith to achieve that vision and live that mission.

As the University looked toward future growth and development, courageous action was required. On May 13, 2005, after considering over thirty sites, the Concordia Board of Regents took a visionary step of faith to relocate the Main Campus. In March 2007, Concordia purchased Schlumberger's former campus, the Austin Hill Country Reserve. This would be the perfect new home for Concordia.

The size alone allows Concordia to grow in ways that the landlocked downtown campus of 23 acres did not allow. The existing six buildings were renovated into classrooms, offices and a library, while a new field house and student housing were constructed. In addition, the most unique feature of the property is a 250-acre nature preserve that is rich in a variety of natural resources, including wetlands, caves and dense tree cover that protect two endangered species of birds: the Golden-cheeked Warbler and the Black-capped Vireo.

Buildings C and D

On October 26, 2008, Concordia celebrated the opening of the new campus, which enables Concordia to expand and improve the services offered to students and other constituents. The University is poised to empower students of all backgrounds to lead lives of critical thought, compassionate action and courageous leadership.

The newest additions to Concordia includes the softball field, IncubatorCTX and the new Concordia Esports arena

Approaching its second century, Concordia University Texas is devoted to becoming the premier university where the adventure of faith, learning and life-changing experiences leads to meaningful work

For more information about Concordia's rich history, please visit our online archives.