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First-Time Freshman

Join the Tornado Family!

We value learning, faith, discussion and the power of asking questions. That's why we view education as a journey of discovering who you are and what you're called to do. We prepare and equip our students with knowledge and skills to be people of influence.

Consider your goals and needs to ensure you choose the college that is right for you. Making an informed college decision is important. Why? Where you go and what you do there will shape the rest of your life.

Concordia University Texas is an excellent choice to further your education and offers a unique educational experience among Christian liberal arts universities. Concordia is a place for you to discover and grow. The classes you take will impact your future career. The activities you engage in will develop your leadership abilities. The friends you make will offer lifelong relationships. Your college experience as a whole will help shape the person you become, your values and ethics and how you make decisions.

Have you been accepted to CTX? Check out the next steps you should take.