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School of Ministry

Prepare for an impactful career in ministry for the glory of God.

The Concordia University Texas School of Ministry encourages fellowship and achievement in those pursuing a degree in church vocations. Through an interactive cohort model rooted in the Lutheran tradition, our students experience a uniquely designed, rigorous curriculum promoting deep theological discussion and Christ-centered collaboration as members of the Body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27-30).

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Guiding Principles

  • Fellowship

    The School of Ministry is a learning community made up of those desiring to serve the Church. Just as the church work vocations are unique, our students have diverse talents and gifts that are unified in Gospel purpose: expanding God's kingdom in the name of Jesus.

    In-class and informal collaboration among the students preparing for distinct vocations provides lifelong connections.

  • Scholarship

    Students in the School of Ministry will participate in courses taught by scholars and practitioners, called "workers," who have advanced academic degrees.

    The SOMites (School of Ministry) students are held to a higher academic standard than their peers in distinct coursework in exegesis, doctrinal study, the primary texts of the historic Church, and the scholarship of the modern Church around the world.

  • Mentorship

    The design of the School of Ministry is a collaboration of ideas and expertise from the program directors of the church work vocations at Concordia. It represents the desire of the whole University to serve the Church.

    SOMites have one-on-one guidance with program directors, internship and practicum mentors, and career-long guidance as students continue their calling and vocation after graduation.

  • Stewardship

    As members of the Body of Christ, we are called to use the gifts God has given us. The SOM allows students to hone the gifts God has given while discovering ways to developing those gifts in others.

    Consideration of how to take care of the Church by working together is a central goal of the School of Ministry, and graduates of the program will excel in using their gifts to serve and train others

  • Discipleship

    Through the regular study and application of God's Word, continued catechesis and careful examination of the Lutheran Confessions and other theological resources, and regular prayer for each other, the Church, and the world, the School of Ministry lives out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28 to "go and make disciples," both by spreading the Gospel and by equipping and serving others to do the same, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.