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Returning Student Housing

Learn and Live at Concordia Texas

We understand that your college journey is a unique and transformative experience, and we're excited to invite you back to our vibrant, close-knit on-campus housing community. At Concordia Texas, we believe that living on campus plays a crucial role in your academic and personal growth, and we're here to support you every step of the way. As a reminder, Concordia University Texas has a residency requirement mandating that all students live on campus for at least two years or four academic semesters. This requirement is designed to help you build lasting connections, create lifelong memories, and fully engage in the campus experience.


Contact the Residential Life Team with your questions regarding residential life or housing.


Call: 512-313-4085

2024-2025 Meal Plan Options
  • Plan A (Full-Meal Plan, 19 meals/week): $2,475 per semester
  • Plan B (Reduced Meal Plan, 14 meals/week): $2,320 per semester
2024-2025 Housing Prices
  • Single Occupancy Room: $8,500/per semester
  • Double Occupancy Room: $4,250/per semester
  • Triple Occupancy Room: $2,950/per semester

*All housing prices are 12-month agreements. Incoming first-year students (freshmen) are required to live in the residential hall for two years (four academic semesters). Summer is included in the cost. However, living on campus during the summer is optional. Students who choose not to stay for the summer are eligible for a $300 housing credit for the following academic year (distributed at $150 per semester). Students living on campus in the summer must be registered for the following Fall semester. 

  • Standard Check-In Procedures

    Returning students who are checking into the residence halls to begin classes for the fall semester will meet with a member of the Residential Life Staff, who will have your room keys and the necessary housing paperwork.

  • Standard Check-Out Procedures

    The residence halls close for the summer. All Students are required to make an appointment to check out of the residence halls with an RA. Students must have all belongings out of the residence hall and have completed the necessary cleaning tasks before they may check out of their room. Residents participating or assisting at the Spring Commencement Ceremony must request and be granted permission from the Director of Residence Life to remain in the residence halls.

  • Resident Life Forms & Policies